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Nina Basset kindly asked me to write a guest blog recently and finally I’ve found five minutes to do it, but in all honesty, when I started to write it, I had a moment of writer’s block trying to think of what to say.  This may seem strange from someone who spends their life writing blogs and assisting others in writing blogs, but for some reason I was a little stuck!

Anyway, writer’s block now over, I’ve decided to focus on a few elements which I feel are relevant to everything the hotel does, but also give just a little time to both Nina and Gerard who do such a wonderful job of managing Hotel TerraVina (without forgetting the staff of course!).

When it comes to New Forest Hotels, the Hotel TerraVina is absolutely one of my favourite places.  I know that I spend time operating the mechanics of the hotel’s social media, but this is not why I am so fond of the hotel and all who work there.

I think the thing I really love about the hotel is its atmosphere.  In my work I travel the country regularly and am fortunate enough (sometimes unfortunate as well) to stay in a number of hotels and generally compare notes as I go and to date, I have not found another hotel with such a wonderful atmosphere that offers relaxation as well as a wonderful ambience, without being pretentious or unfriendly.

This in itself is a very difficult thing to achieve and I absolutely credit the hotel and everyone who is involved in making it run like a well oiled machine (albeit a rather pretty one).

As I have said, I keep the mechanics of the social media going and while I know that initially Nina was not sure of the direction her blog would take, I’m pleased to say that she has really defined it as her own and while I can confess to posting blogs for people that I don’t always read thoroughly, Nina’s blog is one that I enjoy reading every Wednesday without fail.  

A hotel blog that offers such diversity is very hard to find and based on the way that Nina writes I can only say I look forward to reading more…

It is so difficult to convey to businesses that in terms of social media you need personality, no sales speeches and a genuine belief in what you do and that you should not use it as another opportunity to sell.  If you like, it’s a chance to convey who you are and allow your readers to share your experiences – something that Nina has wholeheartedly achieved in her blog.

I would not be wrong to say that both Nina and Gerard Basset are very passionate about what they do and this is so evident when you talk to them about their work- they keep long hours and forfeit a lot of the typical social gatherings because they simply love what they do.

All of the staff at TerraVina are also brilliant and really know how to work as a team.  In the filming of the up and coming TerraVina TV project, I was lucky enough to meet a good number of the staff at the hotel and observe how hard they work to make TerraVina a wonderful place and I don’t think I have ever seen such commitment to getting things right. 

I really enjoy working with Darren Northeast PR and on Hotel TerraVina’s social media and am very grateful that I have had the opportunity to do it and see things like their Facebook group grow and grow since we started it.

I now proudly use their social media as a perfect example that portrays what you should do, because they really get so much right and as I look at the blog views go up and the extra traffic come in, I know that TerraVina will go from strength-to-strength as time goes on and do hope to see a lot more from my favourite New Forest hotel.

Gerard I know has a lot going on (Michel Roux’s programme at 8pm tonight for one!) and I am personally looking forward to seeing where he goes in 2011.  He is such a dedicated person to his work and I have to admit, creatively he is full of great surprises!

Well done to everyone at the hotel – I have really enjoyed gushing with compliments but do look forward to Nina’s next blog as always!


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