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New Year congratulations here at TerraVina…

Happy New Year to you all. Personally I’m not a fan of NY’s eve and all the promises of leaving behind the old and starting anew as when you wake up on 1st January, (possibly sore headed!), all the same irritations, worries and niggles remain- they haven’t magically disappeared over night… and then days later you have to deal with the guilt of already having broken NY resolutions. Thus I don’t make NY resolutions as like that I can’t be cross when I fail miserably at keeping any of the vows and promises; but listening to the radio a couple of days ago I heard some very wise words about NY and resolutions……..

The words of wisdom were that merely because it is a new year doesn’t mean that it is a new beginning, but rather it has the opportunity of being a new chapter and it is a great opportunity to have a reason to make positive changes that you may have been wanting to make for a while, but instead of making resolutions that we have little hope of fulfilling for a whole 12 months and usually these are resolutions of things we won’t continue to do, ie: bad habits we want to change, such as no more smoking, drink less, eat less, shout less etc, rather we should pledge to do more of the things we enjoy and generally be positive about the promises we hope to keep, so see friends more, learn a new skill, eat as much but choose healthier options, drink better quality wine, as in that way the goals are more achievable and we are more likely to keep on track with fulfilling them.

It is often the case that we look at the negatives and get weighed down by them, so my goal for this new year is to enjoy each challenge that is thrown my way and embrace change more readily and with open arms and just see where it takes me. I am a self confessed controller and so I am going to take a deep breath and let go just a little bit and have some slack and see how that feels.

In celebration of new beginnings, many congratulations to Chris Harvey, our GM and his wife Robyn, on the safe arrival of a 2nd daughter, Lilly… we are all looking forward to meeting her very soon and many congratulations to Lucy Cockett, our demi chef de partie, who was named Student of the Year from her Exeter catering college this week – brilliant news and we are thrilled for them both and very proud of Lucy’s achievements.

Until next week,


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