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Nina is back and writing Hotel TerraVina’s blog after a two week (or so!) sabbatical

After my last blog of a couple of weeks ago, when I ranted and let off steam, I have had a couple of week’s break to calm down, tie up some loose ends and generally just tackle all sorts! Many thanks to Sheila for writing a guest blog in my absence last week- much appreciated.

I would like to say that I am now calmer, less stressed and the world is once more a calm and friendly place- sadly I can’t and whilst I won’t rant again about all the things that continue to irritate, stress and frustrate me, needless to say that the last couple of weeks have been a rollercoaster and I’m feeling ready to jump off! I’m not sure why I am so irritated by the lack of flexibility that some customer services offer, be it in café’s, shops or restaurants; why indifference to guests and customers should irk me so in hotels, hospitals and airports, but despite trying to “keep calm and carry on”, it’s not working and I’m as cross and angry as ever at the lack of customer care that so many of us are subjected to, in so many varied situations, on an almost daily basis.

However, I’m taking a deep breath and thinking calm and happy thoughts, which leads me onto some heart warming snippets to blog about instead.

At the end of November, the annual dinner dance at Rose Road, the hotel’s adopted charity that Gerard and I support, and for whom we are both Ambassadors was held. The evening was lovely, and was a success in raising much needed funds for the charity – some of the young people who are cared for at Rose Road were in attendance and it was truly heartwarming to see them enjoying themselves and to share their undiluted joy at such simple pleasures as listening to the dance music, being turned this way and that in their wheelchairs to the tunes and watching them be enthralled by the disco lights and glitter balls- it puts life’s irritations into better perspective.

This week we took Suzi (our original TerraVina General Manager), out for lunch to thank her for all her hard work over the past almost seven years- we offered a list of venues for her to choose from and as she had never previously visited, she chose Le Manoir aux Quats Saison, which is a favourite of Gerard and I, no less because we love Raymond. George, our exec chef came along too as Suzi’s guest and a great time was had by all- the Manoir team are exemplary when it comes to service standards, but they offer exceptional customer service in a very natural, friendly and warm manner and so the result is that the restaurant doesn’t feel stuffy at all, but just a lovely place to relax and enjoy a delicious meal- Raymond was on fine form and he and Gerard enjoyed catching up and chatting. It was a lengthy and fantastic lunch and Suzi and George both loved the place, which whilst it is always lovely looked even more resplendent with the beautiful Xmas decorations and twinkling lights.

I’m surprised that Xmas is so close- how did that happen? Friday 6th December is our hotel decorating day and we have gathered the troops past and present to join in and help and so we have Suzi, Laura and Jackie, our long past assistant manager and once Restaurant manager coming back for the day to help me and the current team decorate- it’s a TerraVina tradition to all share decorating the trees and we love it- I always worry that the mess and muddle of decorations all over the place will never be cleared away and then in a blink it all looks beautiful and so I am looking forward to welcoming familiar faces back for a fun filled day of decorating and laughter and no doubt a glass or two of bubbles to help us in our decorating tasks!

Till next week and thank you for continuing to read the blog regularly, it is much appreciated and always surprising to hear so many people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it- I have missed writing it the past few weeks and am very glad to be back!


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