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No blog last week and only a few lines this week

I am not going to apologise for the tardiness of last week’s blog, or in fact it could be argued that next week’s blog is merely early and I missed last week all together. However, I am still not apologizing as I have a very good reason for not having time to post a blog last week and that is that my darling, talented son, Romané took precedent above all else as it was his 1st performance in his school production of the “Threepenny Opera” and he was magnificient… ok, I know I am slightly biased but, he and all the other exceptionally talented cast were magnificent and as I type this with the BAFTAs on in the back ground, I can tell you they were worthy of winning a musical equivalent of a BAFTA as they were all brilliant.

To attain such brilliance took hours and hours of endless rehearsals, learning of lines, costume fittings and the like and thus I’m afraid last week I simply ran out of time to write my blog as I was constantly ferrying Romy and friends back and to from rehearsals at the theatre… a real proper pukka theatre, with lights around the mirrors in the dressing rooms! The smell of the greasepaint, the lights, camera, action calls whipped us all into a frenzy of excitement and both nights were exceptionally enjoyable and no one wanted the show to end.

Well done Romané and I promise I will get myself more organized for future weeks worth of blogs… time management is my new buzz word so watch this space!

Till next week…probably!


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