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Ooops! Where did January disappear to?

Thankfully February has arrived and TerraVina has managed to not only “lose” January but isn’t sad to see the back of such a dreary month! Roll on Spring…..

Not quite sure how it has happened, but I seem to have “lost” January! No bad thing as I actually am really not very partial to either January nor February too but I can cope better with February as its so much closer to the Spring and the nights start to lighten and there’s hope and promise in the air… whereas my “lost” month of January is just full of gloom and grey skies… thus I genuinely do have an excuse for “blog silence”… my blogs in January have been swallowed up by the month itself which has now thankfully been and gone and good riddance too!

Following a hectic December, with a great atmosphere here for both Xmas and New Year’s eve, albeit we had x19 no shows between Xmas eve and Boxing Day…. Shame on you as you all know who you are and not bothering to have the politeness to call to cancel is frankly appalling over such a busy and hectic time and on Boxing day it meant that we and some of our team forfeited being with our own families to celebrate Xmas to ensure we looked after all the guests and then x11 of them (1 whole table) simply didn’t bother to turn up…. Being an hotelier and seeing how people behave never ceases to amaze me! Thank goodness the majority of our guests are truly lovely and make it all worthwhile most of the time!

As is usual at the start of a new year, some of the team get “itchy feet” and decide to move on and we wish them all well with their new adventures and travel plans- at least postcards from around the world are guaranteed to keep us entertained throughout the year. Thus we are busily internally promoting those deserving team members and recruiting for new personalities to join the team- TerraVina is all about familiar faces and we are complimented constantly on the calibre of staff we attract, how friendly they are and how hard they work- indeed it is a very hard task to gather the right people to join us and it takes time, hard work and patience to train them into the TerraVina ethos and for them to feel part of the TerraVina “family” and despite the fact that it is always sad to see them depart, it is exciting for them, we are proud to watch their future achievements and it brings a new dynamic, energy and positivity to the team; so often, whilst challenging, it is good for the business and we must always bear that in mind when bidding those who move on “Au Revoir”

As I write this blog I am watching the birds swoop and dip busily building nests for the Spring, the sky is blue and the sun is shining… (I promise I am in the UK) and it is simply a gloriously crisp, cold and lovely February day… Spring is just around the corner and with that in mind we do hope to welcome you back to see us soon, to meet new team members and enjoy some TerraVina “magic”… we have all sorts of breaks, mid week rates and late rates and so please do keep an eye on our website and Social media pages and read the monthly newsletter which is designed to keep enticing you back for even more TerraVina style R&R

Hope to see you soon!

Warmest wishes

Nina, Gerard and the Team x

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