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Happy New Year from us all at Hotel TerraVina

Phew! I can’t say that we are not pleased to see the end of 2014 which turned out to be a bit of a rollercoaster year- certainly full of a few highs and many lows! However, we are looking forward with renewed vigour to the New Year and are hopeful that 2015 will be a much better year than 2014 turned out to be.

As some of you know we bade a fond farewell to some of our long standing team in the past year and it is with great pleasure that we announce that Charlotte and Lucy are now officially “at the helm” in  charge of the hotel and they are both doing brilliantly in their new roles of General Manager and Assistant General Manager respectively- they have both been with us a couple of years and we are very proud of them both and how they have adapted to their new responsibilities so readily and with great aplomb.

I thought it apt to start the year with a funny and positive blog… goodness knows there will be many ranting ones to follow in coming months (!) and so to that end, here are a few observations from guests (not TerraVina guests I hasten to add!) that amused and amazed us recently when we read them via TravelMail as published here….and with a link to full article:

Survey of hotel staff in 49 countries reveals hotel guests’ bizarre behaviour

  • Requests have included baths full of honey and crocodile soup for dinner
  • Guest wanted discount when he was kept awake by his girlfriend’s snoring


PUBLISHED: 14:31, 13 May 2014 | UPDATED: 15:04, 13 May 2014

The article goes on to say….

In these days of movie megastars and overly precious pop stars, we have all heard stories of celebrity guests who make outrageous demands of the hotels they frequent.

But it seems that many members of the general public can be just as diva-like – and delusional – when it comes to what they expect of the places in which they stay.

Outrageous orders and crazy complaints regularly stretch the patience of even the best-trained staff, according to a research conducted by flight comparison website Skyscanner.

The survey – which questioned 400 hotel staff in 49 countries – reveals a world of ridiculous and very funny comments.

Skyscanner compiled a list of the ten most unusual requests made by hotel guests – as well as the top ten most outlandish complaints, but as I am on a positive theme, I haven’t included the complaints in this particular blog!

The most unusual requests to hotel staff…

1. One glass of water on the hour every hour, through the night
2. 15 cucumbers a day
3. Toilet to be filled with mineral water
4. Bath filled with honey
5. Sound of goat bells to aid sleep
6. Only the right legs of a chicken to be served
7. A dead mouse
8. Bath full of chocolate milk
9. 16 pillows (for a single guest)
10. Crocodile soup

Skyscanner’s report states that other fantastical flashpoints included a guest stating that the bath in their suite was too big, and an animal lover who wanted a discount because his dog had not enjoyed its stay.

One guest was moved to raise a concern about the waiter who served them at dinner – saying he was too handsome for their liking.

The list of unlikely requests features a range of demands that would surely make the most riotous rock star or highly-strung actress blush.

One guest wanted a glass of water to be delivered to their room – on the hour, every hour, throughout the night. Another insisted that they could not drop off into the land of nod without the sounds of the mountains – and could a range of goat bells be provided?

Another wanted a dinner of chicken.

Not too outrageous, you might think – except for the fact that, the guest stipulated, only legs from the right side of the chicken should be served as part of the meal.

Other food-themed blasts from the barely believable included a customer who wanted a bowl of crocodile soup, and a weight-watcher who asked for 15 cucumbers per day.

Incredible en-suite-related wishes included baths filled with honey or chocolate milk.

And spare a thought for staff at the hotel where a guest demanded a further bathroom-linked change to the room: they wanted their toilet to be filled with mineral water.

Personally, I have to say some of these made me laugh out loud and others did not surprise me! For sure guests make an hoteliers life a challenge, fun filled, vibrant medley of who knows what might happen next moments and that’s why we continue to love what we do.

We do hope to welcome many of you back over the next year and please do keep reading the hotel’s blog ( I have fun writing it and it’s great to receive comments and to hear that guests enjoy reading it too) and please do keep an eye on our website and social media for all the special offers we have through 2015 to tempt you to continue to visit us… in fact if you fancy some rest and relaxation during January or February, have a peek at our special offers for both months:


Till next time



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Happy Christmas from the New Forest!


Hotel TerraVina wishes you all a very happy Christmas, best wishes for the New Year and a request to come and visit us soon…

This is probably the last blog of 2014. I may have time to write a few lines before the end of the year, but just in case I don’t, may I take this opportunity, on behalf of me, Gerard, Charlotte and all the TerraVina Team to thank you for reading the blog regularly, liking TerraVina and continuing to visit as often as you do.

2. Front door wreath

Christmas Wreath on our very recognisable front door…

We hope to continue to welcome you back time after time to TerraVina and continue to design special breaks and offers to tempt you. The months of January and February are especially tempting…. take a peek!


Some Christmas cheer in the hallway…

On a festive note, we are dressed and ready for Christmas

and the decorations are sparkling and twinkling brightly- we too are on sparkling form and are determined that 2015 will be a better, more successful year for so many reasons and so it is with much happiness and hope that we wish you all a very…

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year

We hope to welcome you back to TerraVina often in 2015!

Until next time



Festive spirit in the dining room…

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TerraVina enjoys some festive cheer and some amusing moments…

We have been busily preparing for Christmas and have dusted off the decorations, brought the trees out of storage and planned our Christmas themes. However, whilst I usually love decorating the hotel and the trees and watching everywhere transform into a winter wonderland, full of magic and twinkling lights, this year I have felt more like a Bah Humbug and have not truly got into the Christmas spirt yet. I think it is due to the disastrous Christmas that the hotel endured last year, albeit that the only positive to come out of the whole sorry saga was us realising how blessed we are to have such truly lovely and kind guests. Last year’s Christmas was tainted by the storms and the power cuts they caused and we like so many others were badly affected and the business has struggled to catch up with itself the whole year through subsequently. Thus I suppose it is with some apprehension that we approach this year’s festivities and we are all hoping and praying (and crossing fingers and toes!) that we don’t have a re-run of the 2014 disasters.

However, my humour was restored when a lovely friend forwarded me a link to 20 of the Best ever Holiday Makers complaints and I laughed until my sides hurt at some of the complaints people make… The 20 (best) or most ridiculous comments were first reported in the Telegraph, but here is the link in case you missed them… it really is worth a read- very, very funny!

So with my sense of humour restored I will now tackle decorating at home and wrestling with a very over excitable Boxer dog who loves anything in a box, anything that rolls and pretty much any ornament or object that she knows aren’t hers’ to play with! I feel a fun but manic afternoon of decorating awaits me!

Whilst I don’t want to wish Christmas away, thinking ahead, we have a post Xmas treat to tempt you to come and visit us in January and we do hope to see many of you and welcome you back to TerraVina.

Till next time




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Hotel TerraVina and the Lyon trip part 2…

For those of you who read last week’s blog, this part 2 bit will make perfect sense, if you didn’t catch last week’s blog, ie: part 1 of the story, then please do so before reading this continuation as otherwise it won’t make much sense!

On my return to the UK, I switched my phone back on only to read a text from Gerard…. URGENT! Call me as soon as you have landed. My heart sank, my pulse raced and I thought… what now??? I called him and tried to be as sweet and friendly as possible, but it’s tricky to sound nice when speaking through gritted teeth. He explained that he had lost his USB key and could I locate it…. Where had he lost it? He didn’t know, (helpful!), but probably in, or near to Lyon airport or the airport hotel – he was too busy (and exhausted from the stress of the past 24 hours!) to locate it himself so he was delegating it to me- don’t you just love husbands!

Well, I am pleased to say I did locate it through canny detective work, (I deserve a wifely medal!) and it has been safely returned via air mail and a very efficient reception/housekeeping team at the NH Hotel in Lyon airport- many thanks for putting my faith back in customer service and for delivering efficiently on a promise to return it urgently.

So calm prevailed at home, albeit there was all sorts going on at the hotel and with the legal battle, but home was my oasis and my sanctuary to re-charge my worn out batteries and fraught nerves, (without Gerard there, (bless him!) to upset the peace and quiet for 10 days), only to have him back on Wednesday in his usual whirl of forgetfulness, quirkiness and eccentricity… even the dog sighs when he starts uplifting everything looking for what he has lost (again!). Of course no trip home would be usual without some mishap and this time it was that between leaving the airplane and getting in the car, Gerard’s watch somehow “flew off” his wrist and is now lost, but he was sure he lost it on the plane… I  e mailed the airline, who responded stating they were not the point of contact (why have that e mail address on their website then?) but that they had forwarded it to the right contact… a week on and still no response and of course now there is NO likelihood of ever having the watch safely returned to Gerard… it was a present and had much sentimental value, so is irreplaceable from that point of view which is a shame….. it is also shameful that FlyBe customer services are so shoddy and impolite that they cannot even respond to an e mail regarding lost property… I’ll stop now as I feel another rant coming on regarding shockingly poor customer services!

So at present Gerard is home, albeit he is in London every other day and we are all counting the days until his next trip and the next instalment of stress and adventures he shares with us… I’m hoping he forgets something very vital again on a future trip, but next time I have to fly to somewhere further away, like Australia or New Zealand maybe, I can stay there and have a holiday! We all love him dearly but he is very tiring to live with.

Till next time


ps. It’s girl power at TerraVina from  now on as we have Charlotte, Lucy, Ana and I in charge, (well I pretend to be in charge but really it’s Charlotte and her girls) with Suzi providing the backing (admin) support… I feel like I have created a girl band… move over Spice Girls, it’s the TerraVina Sisters taking over!




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Hotel TerraVina has a surreal weekend of highlights and low points – there’s never a dull moment…

I know it seems that I rant often (usually about Trip Advisor and bad service) and that often my life seems so full, complicated and busy, that even I think that some of the days I “live in” you couldn’t even make up and this past weekend is no exception. I found myself in Lyon, France, instead of at home organising a sleepover for Romy and a friend.

The weekend had started very well. Gerard and I had a very rare Saturday night off together to attend a friend’s daughter’s Bahmitzvah, which was a fantastic event with the most amazing after party- I have never seen such a stunning and stylishly decorated venue- truly magnificent and a great time was had by all. The next day I was due to take Gerard to Heathrow airport early in  the morning, thus avoiding the Remembrance Sunday gatherings and time for me to be back for lunch service.

However, the plans went awry when I had only 10 minutes more driving before I reached home. (2 hours from Heathrow).  I had a call from Gerard telling me he was about to board his flight, but that he had forgotten his driving license and needed it for his 10 days driving in France (he’s on a tasting trip in  Burgundy)

I was sure it wasn’t a problem and confidently assured him so and said not to worry I’d scan it to him-after all we live in an electronic age,  so I turned around and headed back towards the hotel (without going home) as there is a scanner there and not at home.  Annoyingly I had his license in my handbag, but had forgotten to remind him to take it from me. (thus it is of course my fault!)

Before scanning the document to him ready for his touch down in Lyon, I had a thought… I called the hire company in the UK, to check that they would accept scanned documents in lieu of a forgotten original. The customer service chap was very unhelpful, unsympathetic and declared it was not their policy to accept scanned documents, so it was the original or no car. What about if I drove back to Heathrow with the original, show them in the UK and then scan the documents to France, I hear you wonder? No that didn’t work for them either- had to be in his hand, in person and apparently all hire companies have the same policy, so basically tough… and then he put the phone down on me… I had been very calm, polite and hadn’t shouted once at him or his unhelpful manner, so really I didn’t think that was very nice!

Thus, as I currently don’t fancy a messy divorce, I felt I had no option except to book a flight to Lyon and an overnight hotel, as no return flights that day, as well as organising car parking at the airport and fly to my darling husband, with the license. In the meantime my dad had to bring my passport to the hotel whilst I was busy making arrangements on line and I was conscious I had to drive back to Heathrow in time to check in and not miss the flight. Thank goodness for parents who drop everything to come to your aid and make no fuss at doing so….. thanks very much Mum and dad for coping with all the dramas/crisis we throw at you on a fairly regular basis.

Of course there were more dramas on the way- I was supposed to be at a 1940’s swing band concert with Romy and his friend in the evening, so had to re- arrange all of that, (thank goodness again for my parents!) and the M3 was congested and then the M25 at a standstill, so I had to re- route to avoid traffic jams- luckily I know my way around the motorways and so with only minutes to spare, I arrived in time only to realise the only case I had with me for an overnight stay had a party dress, spare knickers, Gerard’s suit and a pair of curlers in it from our London stay!! Terminal 1 is soon to close, so no shopping options to buy some clothes, so I ended up with a “I Love a London” t shirt to wear home for Monday morning.

Anyway, I arrived in Lyon at 10.30pm, met Gerard, found the rental place and you know what, to add insult to injury, the receptionist at the hire car company, didn’t even once glance at the driving license and when I wearily pointed out that I had flown from the UK just for her to be able to have it in her hand, she shrugged arrogantly as only the French can do so well!!  I felt like climbing over the counter and shaking her by this time!

So now it’s Monday morning and I’m in Lyon in an airport hotel at 4.30am waiting to take the first flight home again ready for the next exciting instalment……that is a day in the life of Nina and Gerard Basset and Hotel TerraVina

Watch this space…. Till next week



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Hotel TerraVina asks the question….Why are so many intent on making it so difficult for small businesses to operate and survive?

The past ten days have been trying for all sorts of reasons, no less due to the beaurocratic red tape that is threatening to swallow us all up and choke a small businesses to death. I do despair at what a cruel, heartless and harsh world we are now all living in. It’ dog eat dog and all teeth are barred!

One of the first headaches of the week came when a wine delivery from the US was “held hostage” by UK customs officials. All the correct and relevant documentation was in place, but yet Fedex was unable to gain access to it as it was impounded. Then Fedex messed up by eventually delivering it to us even though the winery had requested it be returned to them for fear that the wines had spoiled due to lack of care in storage and transportation. Not the end of the world but annoying, frustrating and a demonstration of a complete lack of customer care on the part of Fedex to have got it so wrong and then not apologised for the error.

I am now eagerly awaiting a delivery from India of the famous Hotel TerraVina dogs, but this time it’s TNT who are unable to deliver them, so in effect our dogs have been “dognapped” or at the very least quarantined, due to regulations that require various forms and paperwork ad infinitum to be completed, in other words red tape, by the importer, before we can take delivery.

And then, to top the lot, Trip Advisor, the bane of many hoteliers working lives, have removed TerraVina’s restaurant listing from under the New Forest, where we have “happily” sat for the past 7 years and instead they are now listing us under Woodlands. No one has heard of Woodlands and being 1 of 1 restaurant in Woodlands is of little use if no one knows where we are- previously we were 3 of 290 odd restaurants in the New Forest, which was a much clearer indication of where we were located and what standard to expect- 1 of 1 could merely mean there’s a restaurant in a place, but not that its necessarily any good- however TA are being as unhelpful as always when it comes to hoteliers requests and I am being stalled and made to become more and more angry and frustrated at every dealing I have with them- UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

And so the week goes on… thus the phrase “Keep calm and carry on” springs to mind, but actually I am fed up with having to jump through hoops and dance to the tune of those who are incompetent, unfeeling, unrealistic and just generally prepared to take, take, take, but give back so little, if anything at all. Actually when I stop to think, this year has been one stressful event after another, starting with the disastrous Xmas, (no power) and the non-existent customer care we received from Southern Electric, through to our long running, ongoing legal battle, where at every turn we have been stalled and frustrated by unhelpful officials who are merely going through the motions of just about doing their jobs, (I’m being kind here!), albeit neither professionally or competently. Add into the mix legal professionals who are equally lazy, inefficient and in some cases have even been downright untruthful, (allegedly), in their version of events and so called business recovery “experts” who are completely lacking in their duties and all in all it has been, to coin a phrase from her Majesty, an “annus horribilus”. I am having a “Falling Down” moment… a film starring Michael Douglas which is entertaining albeit with a poignant ending.

If it seems as though I have had enough and am near to being on the edge, then you would be right- we have been pushed to the limit and are hanging on through sheer determination and the belief that things can only get better, but my oh my, how much easier it could be if only we weren’t expected to give 150%, yet receive so little back by so many who touch our business lives- I can only be thankful that most of our team, our guests, suppliers, and our business “relatives” are better than the few that cause such annoyance, distrust and frustration.

Until next time………


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TerraVina goes back to Uni…

This week I feel as though I am immersed in academia, albeit I am by no means an academic myself. Gerard has recently returned from a two week study stint for his OIV, which is a Master of Science in Wine (he’s so clever, determined and inspiring), when he was in Paris studying – I love Paris and having lived there for a time many years ago I yearned to be there again enjoying the sights, the sounds and smells that are uniquely Parisienne, with my lovely husband, but sadly time did not allow me to be with him this time round as I had a few challenges here to continue to sort through, such as the ongoing legal battle, to divorce ourselves from a disastrous business relationship, staff development and recruitment, following two key members of the team leaving us to re-locate to different parts of the UK and I have also been busily collating and digesting information about AS levels and A levels for Romané, (our son), for when he is ready to have completed his GCSE’s, (this summer) and embark upon his further learning…

I am now absorbing all sorts of finer details about UCAS, what grades are required, what subjects dovetail well with each other, or at least complement one another enough for Universities to look on them favourably as A level choices and then in amongst it all I too returned to Uni, albeit I don’t think I am cut out for a student lifestyle anymore and the volume of study required would definitely stump me as I am just not one for applying myself to studying, much to Gerard’s dismay and Romy’s amusement, especially when I try to be stern, (it never works and neither he nor Gerard take me seriously) and tell him how important studying is.

Anyhow I am rambling and to get back to the point….Following a research project that I was involved with, wearing my Hotel TerraVina “hat”, for over a year in 2013, there is now a 2nd phase, which I am delighted to have been invited to be a part of. It is an interesting and stimulating programme with a mix of x15 business owners, managers and operators of all sorts of businesses associated with Tourism in one way or another- however being on campus, amongst young students makes me realise that it is a very long time since I was in such an environment and how fast paced the technological changes have happened, how students demeanour and attitudes have changed and how so many of the lecturers look very young… but maybe I’m just getting old! I needed a Sat Nav to get around the university it was so huge and spread over what seemed like many miles and navigating the halls to get from one lecture room to another was like being taken along on a wave of fast waking, fast talking students all texting, Googling, Instagramming, You Tubing and Snap Chatting.. I’ve got the lingo just not a fast enough brain or fingers to keep up with it all! To top it all, even the “simple” questions that the research requires was in a language that I didn’t readily recognise and it took me a few minutes to digest and fully understand the words which were very long, intellectual and too complicated to fathom fast.

However, I am looking forward to being part of the project and getting to grips with all the digital advancements – just when I was beginning to feel confident around Twitter and Face Book (sort of) and a bit of an “old hand” at blogging, now I have to embrace still more digital wizardry.

On a gentler note, half term is upon us and with my own gorgeous son off in New York on a drama trip with school and Gerard in Russia, Ukraine Georgia and Kazakhstan, I am at the hotel hearing all about Peppa Pig visits, Exbury Garden adventures and Guided walks in the forest from lovely guests, many of whom are returning yet again for another dose of TerraVina R&R.

If you haven’t looked at our special breaks for a little while do have a peek and be tempted to come and visit soon- we have great breaks, late rates and some super Early Bird offers to lure you back to TerraVina and the forest.

We hope to see you soon

Till next time



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Moving on at Hotel TerraVina

I feel like a bereft “Mother Hen” who is losing some of her precious chicks. After almost 5 years with us, Chris, our General Manager is “flying the coup” and is relocating to Devon. To be fair, when we promoted Chris just over a year ago into the GM’s position, when Suzi, our then GM of 6 year’s standing, moved into a part time role, Chris did tell us that he would not be able to fulfil the role long term, as it was his intention to move his young family back to Devon and the family farm and holiday cottage business, where Chris himself had lived as a child…. However the year has flown by far too quickly and now it is with sadness that we have to say “Goodbye” to him.

Chris came to us as an eager, but inexperienced assistant manager and we have watched him grow both professionally and personally. He has become a father twice over in the time he has been with us and taken on the responsibilities of both fatherhood and general management of the hotel with great aplomb, despite the fact that there are few parallels between the two. Put simply, we will miss him greatly, as will so many of our regularly returning guests who always remark on what a lovely chap he is and indeed he is and so much more.

We wish Chris, Robyn and their two adorable little girls, Eva and Lily much success and happiness in Devon and look forward to regular updates from him……… at the same time, the “nest” is emptying further with one of our other fantastic protegées, Lydia, Chris’s deputy, leaving us to join her partner in London and take up a new and exciting position in bustling Covent Garden. Lydia has been with us for over two years and has become a much appreciated and loved member of the team. We will miss her calm and caring nature, her unflappability and her warm personality. To lose them both almost simultaneously is certainly not ideal, but one of the attributes of a hotelier is the ability to deal with the many curved balls that get thrown at you on a regular basis, be it from the staff or the guests and we have a contingency plan in place and high hopes for the new managers who will help Gerard and I to continue to take TerraVina forward with the same ethos of warmth, friendliness and professionalism that we have always strived for.

We are very fortunate that so many of our team stay with us for lengthy numbers of years, but that makes it doubly difficult to let them go and fly the nest as we become very fond of them and think of them as our extended TerraVina family- that said, we have done so many times before in the twenty odd years that we have been hotel owners and so I suppose we are better practised at it now and thinking positively, it is always rewarding to watch them spread their wings and go onto still greater achievements in their careers- we watch them with great pride and follow their careers with great interest.

Thank you Chris and Lydia for all your hard work and enthusiasm over the past years. You will both be greatly missed, but we feel very proud to have watched you both grow and to see the personal confidence and experience you have gained whilst with us and that will stand you in great stead for your next career adventures, which we will be proudly following closely.

For those of you who are keen to meet the new GM and deputy, then please do take advantage of our great mid week offer for both October and November and don’t miss our Early Bird offer for mid week stays in November. We look forward to welcoming you to TerraVina soon and for you to have the opportunity to meet the new faces in the team

‘Till next week





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Basset’s All Sorts…

Now the summer is ebbing to a gentle end with shorter, mellow days almost upon us, I’ve been reminiscing about the summer past and have to say we were certainly blessed with warm sunshine and long, hazy days. We have welcomed lovely guests to the hotel, both loyal, returning ones and also new ones who have just discovered us and we hope they will become enthusiastic returners too.

Returning to a place has its benefits as we found once again this year, albeit with a lovely surprise in store when we arrived in Norfolk. After our annual Minorcan jaunt; that’s the one that Gerard isn’t invited along on.. just Romané, my mum and Romy’s friend Rob (a first this year and hugely successful as the boys had much more fun together than Romy would have had with just his mum and nana for company, albeit we meet up with some great holiday friends every year whilst there) bliss! We then decamp as a family, (albeit minus Gerard as he was wine tasting in California), to glorious Norfolk for a couple of weeks of dog walking, eating and relaxing. Spending time catching up with friends (who are fortunate enough to live in Holt) and generally just delighting in the North Norfolk coast. Holkham Beach and Brancaster Straithe are particular favourites and the Crab Hut at Brancaster, serves the best crab and prawn baguettes for miles… it’s a must go place even if you don’t want to indulge in crossing the water and walking along the exposed sea bed whilst the tide is at its lowest and paddle in the pools of warm water. I always fall in and get soaked but that’s half the fun!

The delightful and buzzy village of Holt, the Lavender Farm at Hunstanton, Cley, Wells and all the gorgeous villages in between are pretty and provide a meandering route through a very lovely part of the county.

As in previous years, we stayed in the village of Docking and rented a cottage… but this year we were thrilled to arrive and note that the new owners, Jane Jones and family, who have created the company Naturally Norfolk, had completely renovated and refurbished and created a cosy, super stylish cottage with every detail thought of, even to providing a hamper for picnics which came in very handy when we went to the Last Night of the Proms in Blickling- which was a simply fab event and one that Jane herself suggested we might enjoy and indeed we did. The Spitfire and fireworks were equal highlights to the music which was stirring and moving, being in remembrance of the World War One veterans and soldiers who gave their lives. Having such a pretty and comfortable cottage to come back to each day was a joy and made an already great holiday even more special… we are already booked in for next year as Romané is returning once again to Greshams for summer camp and we are hoping to squeeze in a few shorter visits to stay in the cottage prior to the summer if hectic schedules allow… we may even convince Gerard to come with us!

Back home in the forest we have some great Autumn breaks to tempt you to visit for the first time or re-visit us again and (I can’t believe it) but we are already planning for Christmas and New Year and beyond!

Till next time and hoping to welcome you to TerraVina soon

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The Basset’s at TerraVina take on the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge

In case you missed it, Gerard, Nina and Romane recently all took up the ice bucket challenge, getting soaked and cold in the process!

For your personal enjoyment, we thought we would post it on the blog!



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