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Practice makes perfect…………or so they say, I’m still practicing, but having great fun improving!

Doesn’t time fly by…..I cannot believe that I started writing my blog way back in February 2010- a blog was not something that I had actively thought to tackle, but I was persuaded to give it a go and I have been writing it ever since. For anyone wondering, I do have a fantastic social media guru, Sheila who looks after all the technical bits, such as getting the blog from my word document onto the web for you all to read it, but the writing/ramblings are all me, so I have no excuses and no one else to blame! I am still unsure of some of the Social Media phenomena, such as Facebook and Twitter, although we gained our 900th follower on Twitter today….. now I have set the challenge to get to 1,000, not quite sure why that particular number, but it sounds more impressive.

On occasion I re-read some of my blogs and I can see that as I have gained more experience writing them they have changed over the months. I have had great fun writing them, learning as I have gone along and it is all great practice for my book, which is still being written and will hopefully be a topical, longer version of something similar to my blog. As a previous headmistress of mine used to always say “Practice makes perfect” so if you don’t mind, I will keep writing the blog once a week and see how we go as I have a lot more practice to do before I’m anywhere near to perfection and I don’t think I’ll ever get there.

What fascinates me currently is the nations intrigue and appetite for all things hotel focused…. On our screens currently there is a second series of “Three in a Bed”- in fact a friend of mine is in the programme being shown this Thursday evening. She is the owner of Leyland Country House Hotel and I am looking forward to watching as I find the dynamics of the personalities they choose to take part and the way that some of them plot tactically to try to win make great TV. Best of luck Liese, I’m rooting for you! Then there is Hotel Inspector which is also always entertaining and the “new kid on the box”, Hotel, which I must admit I haven’t had chance to watch as yet… we were called by the production people many months ago and asked if we would like to be considered to take part, but Gerard and I didn’t think we were brave enough to let the cameras roll so freely- imagine some of the scenes they would have filmed; lovely guests and on occasion a few tricky ones, challenges with staff, Gerard and I playing Basil and Sybil Fawlty, goodness me, no thanks!

But I suppose it is a fascinating industry, certainly I love it still after all these years, so why shouldn’t so many hotel focused TV shows be so popular with the great viewing public……they appeal to our voyeuristic natures I suppose.

The next programme of our mini TV series for TerraVina TV will be out very soon…. I am just demanding air brushing here and there and checking editorial cuts and snips.

Till next week


Meeting Gerard Basset at TerraVina from on Vimeo.

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