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Proud to be British… Hotel TerraVina celebrates with the rest of the nation during the Jubilee weekend

There are many times when we can all grumble about Great Britain… there are sometimes when we can be proud of our nation and to be British and I think that this weekend was just one of those occasions.

The Monarchy are loved by many and on State Occasions such as the Diamond Jubilee, it is hard not to feel proud, sentimental and inspired by the greatness of Great Britain. The Queen may well be seen only as figurehead by many, but what a figurehead she is and this weekend was a fitting tribute to her long, unwavering and dedicated reign….. There is not perhaps quite so much greatness in Great Britain as in past years and we have as a nation many troubles and challenges to overcome, but this Jubilee weekend should make us all proud. From a hoteliers point of view and from a born organizer, just the logistics of it all was hugely impressive. The only disappointing factor in the whole impressive weekend of celebrations was the dismal weather and the slightly off key nature of some of the “stars” at the concert… the highlight of which has to be the Military Wives and the Kenyan choir, both of whom sang their hearts out in such a joyful manner.

I will personally also remember this week for other, more poignant reasons. My grandmother sadly passed away on Saturday. She was the same age as the Queen and within our family we all loved and respected her as much as the Queen is loved and revered by her own family and subjects. My nana was a very special lady and she will be sorely missed, but it is fitting I think, that she passed away during the Jubilee celebrations as she was an avid Royal supporter and loved the pomp and ceremony of all things Royal.

God Bless you nanny and rest in peace. We all loved you very much and will remember you with only the fondest of memories.

Till next week


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