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Following on from last week’s blog when I dared to mention that I was faking it this year and had opted for…sssshhhhh! white trees, the team have now had a chance to get used to the idea and today, Wednesday 1st December is the unveiling of the first of the trees- I personally think they are rather lovely and I have a theme in mind for each tree, marrying up with TerraVina’s day glow, signature colours of bright orange and lime green. One regular guest suggested I take photos of the trees once decorated and add the photos to the blog – a great idea and one which I will action, so have a peek when the photos are added (I need to finish decorating them all over the next day or so, but watch this space) and see them in all their sparkling glory. Let me know what you all think.

Now, whilst I am feeling all Christmasey and full of seasonal cheer, (thanks to the Xmas decorating I have been doing all day), even so, I am going to spoil it all for a moment by having a little temper tantrum and my “beef” is with the news media….. I am a self confessed “News Junkie” and it drives Gerard to distraction. I panic if I am not informed as to what is going on in the world, but actually most of the time the news is so gloomy and depressing that he wonders why I bother to tune in at every opportunity and he is right, but I find it hard to wean myself off of the daily dose of news stories that I hunger. However, even I am now sick of tuning into any TV or radio channel and being constantly bombarded by the gloomy forecasts of doom that have already, will befall or are planned to fall upon us all regarding the economy, loss of jobs, there were even reports in some newspapers recently that Kate and Wills would only manage to stay married 7 years, and will divorce thereafter and now even the weather forecasts are desperate! We all know driving in the snow is difficult and can be dangerous. Do we really need regular weather warnings urging us to stay in doors unless there is a life or death emergency and endless pictures of snow…. We know what snow looks like and we know the chaos it causes. ……….. currently the country cannot afford for us all to stay home and languish in the warm- we need to be proactive to try to work towards making Britain great again and staying home because of the snow doesn’t help small businesses or the wider economy.

Whilst constantly bombarding us with bad news, the news stations (and the newspapers for that matter) never think about the damage they are doing to the nation by talking us all into a depression, thus helping the economy spiral even further into the doldrums and as for small businesses, when they announce severe weather warnings nationwide, (that often don’t actually happen) for us, the phone rings off the hook with people cancelling their bookings, just in case the snow arrives…

News Flash

The GOOD news is there is no settled snow here in the forest, the sun is shining here and the flurries we have had did not settle, we are open, the hotel is all warm and cosy and we would love to welcome you all to TerraVina… you can take advantage of some great offers we have devised for the chilly winter months (check out our website or give us a call) and come and admire my Christmas trees…. They are twinkling prettily and all the team LOVE THEM!!

Hope to see you all soon and do stay safe in the snowy weather if you live in an area that has been effected.


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