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Royal tiaras, PR coup and hotel takeovers….. what an end to one month and an exciting start to the next here at Hotel TerraVina

The month of April certainly ended well with the brilliant Royal Wedding all going off seemingly without a hitch. The happy couple looked radiant, in love and very pleased with the whole day- the bride looked lovely, the groom justifiably proud and Pippa looked fabulous and didn’t she and Harry make a handsome couple walking back down the aisle arm in arm………. Diana would have felt immensely proud of her sons on such a special day and didn’t the nation rejoice for her in her absence. Visit Britain must be thrilled too as London look gorgeous bathed in (eventual) springtime sunshine- a PR coup for the country that’s for sure and certainly it proves that nowhere does pomp and ceremony and Royal weddings quite as well as we do- I was glued to the TV and greedily drank in every detail of the coverage- Well done Great Britain PLC… we pulled it all off very well.

On a more sober note, for those who know their hotel groups, you will have probably already heard the news that Von Essen, a well known British hotel group, which speedily rose to a 32 strong group of mixed styles of hotels, under the ownership of the mysterious Andrew Davies, has been put into administration. No one in the industry is probably very surprised by this news as so many wondered how one man could manage to purchase so many fine properties, but with no real common thread, seemingly so easily…..explanations included the fact that he had a very rich, Austrian aunt, but still a planned expansion from 32 to 75 hotels had an enormous financial implication which all proved to be too much and the company has now dramatically collapsed with debts of many hundreds of millions of pounds, albeit that the hotels will continue to operate until buyers can be found for the individual properties….. for hoteliers it is not good news at all and proves that in today’s current climate, it is a very difficult industry to be profitable in and rapid expansions however wealthy you might be are dangerous- now there will be a “glut” of country house hotels up for sale, and some of them are very fine properties, there is even a National Trust property in amongst them for good measure…… an unnerving time for the hospitality industry, but it will be interesting to see how the story continues to unfold.

Here at Hotel TerraVina, May has begun in an exciting fashion, with video crews here filming Gerard….. x54 videos in total, over the space of two days. I feel like a wardrobe mistress as he has had to have many, many changes of clothes in order for it to look authentic and as if he owns more than one pale blue shirt…. Pale blue is his favourite colour and almost every shirt he owns is blue, so it has been tricky to try to ensure that for the filming, it appears as though he has got changed on a regular basis! The videos will be able to be viewed on the Terre de Vins website soon, in the meantime, we will be releasing another clip of our very own TerraVina TV very soon so look out for episode 3.

Till next week


Gerard Basset and Hotel du Vin from on Vimeo.

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