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Shoes, Hats and Handbags at Hotel TerraVina…

An update

Firstly I must update on Laura- she is thankfully much improved and is back at work. Her stitches have been removed and her swelling is diminishing rapidly. Many thanks to all who sent get well messages and called up with concern and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Hats and Shoes

As usual the week seems to have flown by- we have had a great response to our recent newsletter and still more congratulations on the news of Gerard’s OBE award- thank you all so much. We are now excitedly awaiting the date to visit the Palace. Many have mentioned the outfits that will be worn. I am planning multiple shopping trips to search for my hat, shoes, dress and handbag…. I can hear Gerard groaning! As yet, I can’t decide on a colour theme and will I think start by choosing the hat (I love hats) and then will go from there. Whilst mentioning hats, my new hat has arrived for Goodwood…. Well actually I ordered two as I couldn’t be sure what colour I will wear- thus I have a turquoise one and a lime green one at the ready and then of course I had to order shoes to match, and handbags and then the outfits- Gerard will be away in New Zealand (another jolly….. jolly hard wine trip, I of course meant to type!) and so Romané will be escorting me to the races; he loves the races and all of the fun of the day.

Anyone for Tennis?

I must profess to not having watched Wimbledon at all- I don’t ever really watch tennis, but this year Gerard and I are off to Wimbledon, to the men’s finals no less, on Sunday, thanks to a very kind invite from one of the Champagne houses. I hope the sun shines as I am looking forward to the day and especially the strawberries (I haven’t a clue about the tennis or the rules) but will cheer for Murray if he is still in by then……I don’t think I need a hat for Wimbledon so no excuse to order another one, although maybe some shoes………………(Gerard is muttering now!) If only men understood that you can never have enough shoes, hats and handbags and you can’t ever wear the same evening dress to the same annual event, which is why I will be going shopping for a new dress for this year’s Catey awards- I wonder when GB will realise that we have a great trade off; he goes on wine trips (I never complain (well not often!) at being left behind to hold the fort, run the hotel and juggle the school run) and I buy shoes whilst he is away – a great arrangement! When are you next off Gerard?

Till next week


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3 Responses to Shoes, Hats and Handbags at Hotel TerraVina…

  1. Josh says:

    Go for it Nina – Special occasions require special outfits: men just don’t understand, bless them! Enjoy Sunday.

    Josh x


  2. Rachel says:

    Hi Nina, how exciting with all your summer occasions!! I hope you have fun at Wimbledon and Goodwood. Many congrats to Gerard on the OBE, and let me know if I can help on the hat front… Best, Rachel.


  3. Re. hat, shoes, dress and handbag…corporate colours, Nina, corporate colours!
    Just take the TerraVina logo with you.


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