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Star signs, colours and being “invisible”…… Hotel TerraVina muses on them all

I don’t read my star signs avidly. Occasionally, just for fun, I will read the horoscope forecast at the start of a New Year and now and then I catch an astrologer chatting about star signs on Steve Wright’s brilliant Radio 2 show as I do the school pick up, but generally horoscopes aren’t my “thing”. However, I do think there is some actuality in the fact that the month you were born, the time of day and the alignment with the sun or moon does somehow play a part in your personality, albeit that I’m not quite sure how or why and of course there are lots of other factors that make up a persona.

It always amuses me when people ask what star sign you are born under and then nod sagely at you when you tell them your sign, as if it was of course completely obvious…… well I am a Scorpio and from what I have read over the years about the traits of the sign, I probably fit the profile, some of the time and I quite like the fact that of all the star signs it is perhaps the one that seems to be the most mysterious, the most passionate and the one that can be the trickiest to understand- it’s not that I like being difficult, (Gerard will probably disagree), just that I am intrigued at the thought that I might be a little complex! But then again most people are complex; that is the challenge of getting along with people, building friendships and relationships and then nurturing them enough to keep them healthy and into longevity. All in all, I suppose I am in a somewhat reflective mood and that led me onto another subject:

The Importance of Colour…..

I have already written in my blog about why I chose orange as the colour for TerraVina. I love bright colours and one of my favorite colours is red as it appeals to my nature- I love the mystery, the fieriness and passion that the colour suggests. Whenever I wear read people compliment me on how well I look and that the colour suits me… the TerraVina team tease me that if I’m wearing red it means that I am in a “don’t mess with me mood!” and I have to admit that when I do wear red I feel confident and able to “face the world easily”.

Which brings me onto the importance of colour….. and I got to wondering, why do we feel differently when wearing various colours?  Gerard has a wardrobe full of pale blue shirts- he loves blue shirts and if he had his way would only ever wear blue, yet so many other colours suit him just as well. I feel invisible when I wear black, “fluffy” and girly if I wear pink and matronly if I’m in navy blue. I can’t wear orange if I’m at TerraVina as I blend into the colour scheme and get lost at the front door, yet red empowers me. Thus beware if you see me in a red dress, as it will mean I expect to be noticed and mean business.

I’m off to Sweden for a few days… apparently it’s minus 10 degrees currently at night time- I will pack my thermals but they aren’t red ones!

Till next week


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