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Sun, sun, sun means fun, fun, fun…

When the sun has got its hat on the world comes out to play- how glorious it has been these past few days to be able to enjoy wall to wall sunshine. The hotel pool has been filled with happy guests all soaking up the rays whilst enjoying plenty of R&R and a few G&T’s and cocktails to add into the mix… the children who have stayed have all loved playing out on the lawns, cycling in the forest, splashing in the pool and of course visits to Peppa Pig World… we have had to buy endless supplies of sun cream and the al fresco terrace has come into its own with people partaking of leisurely lunches and long, slow dinners as the evening begins to cool down just a little.

Long may the lovely weather last as it makes such a difference to us all- people generally seem happier and friendlier. Everyone is more relaxed and thus more tolerant and kinder towards one another and the phone rings more often with people wanting to book a visit- all in all we love the sunshine as it gives us all the feel good factor.

As a nation we are enjoying plenty of feel good at present what with Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, very well done to him and then donating his winnings to a very deserved cause- what a generous and selfless gesture which should be applauded. Likewise how inspiring was the win of Marion Bartoli- well done her for winning with such courage and determination and shame on John Inverdale of the BBC for making such a cruel and unkind comment about her Her sporting triumphs should have been applauded by him rather than the unkind comment he did make . The Lions won their game, hopefully the cricket will go our way, (I know nothing about cricket, but good luck England all the same) and then of course there is an imminent Royal arrival for us all to celebrate.

Let’s hope the sun keeps shining and brings us all some much deserved health, wealth and happiness!
Till the two weeks from now!
There won’t be a blog for a couple of weeks but there will be another one before the end of the month

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