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Sunny weather, sunny smiles and sun shine moods at TerraVina…

As I write this, I am reminded of the song that Morecambe and Wise used to sing… “Bring me Sunshine”, I’m not sure why, except it is a gloriously sunny day, with wall to wall blue skies, the birds are singing and all seems well with my world for a little moment to be savoured and relished.

I know that when some of the team read this blog they will say… Morecambe and who? Last week most of them made me feel completely out of touch when I mentioned I was off to a concert… I think they were imagining some hip and trendy young group that’s in the charts and of course my street cred would have shot up (!) but instead I was met with blank faces when I said, Englebert Humperdink and I was jolted back to earth with a thud and no street cred intact (!) when they all chorused incredulously “Who????”….. nothing like making you feel old.

The concert tickets were a birthday present for my mum and we were both actually looking forward to what should have been a great live show, with a 60 piece BBC Orchestra, guest appearances and the atmosphere of one of my favourite London theatres, the Palladium… I would have been the youngest there of course which would have been great for my ego. However, sadly the concert was cancelled at the last minute as poor “Hump” was taken ill….a terrible shame but I suppose when a performer is 76 plus it’s a risk booking tickets – I should have booked for One Direction instead, but then Romy (my son), would never have spoken to me again, as I would have seriously damaged his street cred.

Another “golden oldie” who I saw recently and laughed at till it hurt was Pam Ayres… she is still brilliantly funny, very topical, astute and engages with her audience brilliantly… again the team had no clue who I was going to see, (the innocence of youth…. They all like the shouty, noisy style of comedian that’s on at the Apollo instead- I wouldn’t be allowed into the Apollo as I’m a hundred years too old for any of the shows they have on there.

And so here I am reminiscing and enjoying the sunshine- long may it last. I love the sunny weather. It makes me cheery, people are nicer to each other, we all smile more, the gardens and the forest blooms and people splash in the hotel pool and sounds of laughter fill the air and the clothes we all wear are lighter, brighter and prettier colours…. Lovely. Then of course when the sun shines there’s a great excuse for sitting outside with a cocktail (or two) and just watch the world go by….. all in,  I hope the sunshine lasts a little while yet and we all benefit from its rays, its warmth and the pleasure those sunbeams bring.

Till next week    Nx



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