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Sunshine and Showers – Nina is AWOL and Gerard is at TerraVina home alone!

I am writing this from sunny, warm and glorious Menorca. My days are filled with decisions…. Which sun lounger shall I relax on, what cocktail shall I sample, shall I have a swim or just be lazy and lie here like a lounge lizard and where shall we go to dinner tonight… too many decisions to make whilst the sun is shining, so instead, I will just close my eyes and drift away- bliss!

Meanwhile back in good old Blighty the rain is still falling and the grass is getting longer, lusher and greener! Reports from home suggest the puppy is well and whilst missing us all, she is bearing up well with lots of cuddles from Gerard. He has given up on the washing machine, but I can’t say I’m too surprised about that…. after all if its not wine themed, wine related or associated to wine, Gerard isn’t interested anyway! As for the hotel, Suzi and the team are managing magnificently without my help. I am truly worried that I am becoming obsolete and redundant- will they ever want me back?

It is lovely to be AWOL… actually I did mention I was going to be away a few days (well ok, I may not have mentioned 2 weeks), but now I am here and trying to sit still and relax- how do you do that relaxing thing- it’s been so long ago since I last did “relaxation” that I’ve forgotten how to and actually I am looking forward to getting back to all the excitement, the challenges and work!! That can’t be right… I’ll just reread that bit. Holidays are super duper, but I will be ready to arrive home and slip back into my routine with Gerard and the pup safely at home with us too.

‘Till next week


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