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Teenagers, Puppies and Husbands- Another week in the life of Hotel TerraVina

Thirteen years ago today, on the 17th May, my life changed forever with the arrival of our son, Romané. He was a calm and contented baby, a happy toddler, an engaging child and today he became a teenager….. Gerard and I are in shock, as it seems only 5 minutes ago that he was a baby and now he is taller than me, with legs that seem to go on forever, feet bigger than his grandad’s (that’s not difficult, as his grandad’s feet are only size 5!) and still he is a calm, charming and engaging boy, who we are very proud of and love dearly.

In the intervening thirteen years of Romy’s life, we have had an eventful time, with the development and then sale of Hotel du Vin, the refurbishment and opening of Hotel TerraVina, the recent merger with 10in8 Fine Dining Group, my becoming Managing Director of the group, Gerard’s multi achievements, which are too numerous to mention, but reached their peak (so far), with his being crowned Best Sommelier in the World and being awarded an OBE for Services to Hospitality… but I was not content with all of these achievements and so ten days ago, we added a new puppy to the mix and my life seems as if it will never be the same again and I have come full circle… I have gained a teenager overnight and a puppy that requires my (almost) undivided attention, thus needless to say life is very hectic, fun and challenging at the moment!

Which brings me onto the husband part…. Gerard is in shock. His “baby” has grown into a teenager, I have added a new baby, (puppy) to the mix, who demands his attention and his wife is too busy to be his full time PA…. bless him, he is managing it all very well, but he is wearing a somewhat bemused expression. However, I just want to send him a message (I think he reads my blog!)…. Thank you Gerard for simply being you and thank you Romané for being such a fantastic son. Happy Birthday and love you lots.

Till next week… who knows it may even be a little less hectic and I might have a sense of calm about me (I wish)


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