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TerraVina’s eventful Summer of 2014…

There has been no blog for a number of weeks for all sorts of reasons, no less, it’s the summer time and the hotel is hectic. I have been away, Romané is off school and I have been home part time, being mum and in amongst all of that, there’s all sorts of goings on in a long running legal battle that has “hotted up” in the last couple of months, but Gerard has banned me from writing about, so that’s all I can say on the matter for the moment.

Suffice to say, we couldn’t have come this far without the tremendous support of our ever brilliant team of management and staff at TerraVina, our current legal team, (there have been a few changes to those along the way!) and to family who have lent tremendous support throughout, with hot dinners on the table after endlessly long days locked in stuffy offices and courtrooms.

Eventually there will be an end in sight, but despite the summer nearing its end, the legal battles continue apace with further Court appearances scheduled and who knows what after that. However, we remain strong, resilient and determined. The hotel, our team and our fantastically loyal and enthusiastic guests, remain a source of diversion to us which is a welcome relief. But if you do not see so much of Gerard and I at the hotel during the mid week in the coming months, or the blog is not as regular as a weekly one now and then, please forgive us; our time, efforts and energy are caught up in securing our future and working towards a positive outcome from a horrible situation.

In the meantime, we have some great value special breaks, late availability dates and some great wine events coming up for the Autumn and beyond and so we do hope to warmly welcome you back again to TerraVina very soon and the most fantastic news received today, Romané our fabulous son, took his maths GCSE a year early and has just received his result- he got an A!!! brilliant news and we are so proud of him! He obviously takes after Gerard, as Maths was certainly not my favourite subject and nor was I especially keen on exams but Romy takes them in his stride and seems to be unfazed by them.. just like GB!

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