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The importance of traditions… Hotel TerraVina enjoys a night of such at the Vintners Hall, in the City.

Livery Hall Photo from The Vintners Company

In the midst of the city of London are various livery companies, many of which are housed in beautiful landmark buildings that are seeped with traditional values, beautiful, antique artefacts and they are rich with the memories of by gone eras.

Last week, hot on the heels of Gerard’s return from a fantastic trip to China and Japan, we were invited by the Wine Guild to attend their Winter banquet, held in the magnificence of the Vintners Hall, where Gerard was welcomed as an honorary member.

The setting was beautiful, we were in the main hall which is steeped in history, ornate wood carvings abound the walls, magnificent gold and silver goblets, salvers and wine themed ornaments twinkle from the shelves and there is an air of exclusivity and of a traditional and by gone era…… it is good to move forward in this fast paced world that we all live in and are immersed in, but now and then it is refreshing to step off of the treadmill, to step back in time and enjoy the privilege of tradition.

We had a lovely evening, mixing with elders from the Guild as well as younger, newer members, many of whom are in the hotel or wine trade and the evening ended spectacularly with entertainment provided by the brilliant duo, Two’s Company, with he being a pianist extraordinaire and she singing soprano beautifully.

This morning it is back to reality… the hustle and bustle of Waterloo train station, the jostling for a seat and now we are back at TerraVina with the sun shining on the remaining leaves still left on the trees; the forest is shimmering and glowing with the still pretty vestiges of Autumn.

I don’t normally use my blog as direct marketing for the hotel, but we do have some super value offers as an incentive to come and visit us either just before Christmas or just after when it’s the gloomy month of January, so please do look at the website or give us a call as we would love to see you all again very soon.

I haven’t had chance to watch the film Inside Job as yet, but hot on the heels of the chancellor’s Autumn Statement are am even more interested to watch it and will do so very soon

Till next week…..


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2 Responses to The importance of traditions… Hotel TerraVina enjoys a night of such at the Vintners Hall, in the City.

  1. Nini,
    Greatly enjoyed your blog about Vintners Hall always good to know people have enjoyed themselfs here.

    I did not get to talk to Gerrald on the evening ,so very pleased to see your comments.

    I live in the New Forrest so will seek your hotel out.




  2. Dear Steve

    Many thanks for your kind comments- we look forward to meeting you in the forest and apologies that we didn’t get a chance to chat to you on Tuesday evening at Vintners Hall- fantastic venue.
    KInd regards


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