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The sun has got its hat on and the guests have come out to play at Hotel TerraVina…..

I am back from holiday and by popular demand I packed the sunshine in my suitcase and brought it back to the UK… what a difference some sunshine makes. The hotel is busier, the phone is ringing off the hook with people making bookings, guests are happier and people are just generally more smiley- I LOVE the sunshine as it makes the world a better place.

Terraces, roof terraces and patios have all been popular choices around the hotel and the outdoor pool has suddenly come to life, with guests lazing by the poolside, dipping their toes in and then taking the plunge and floating in the warm water on the pool beds- lovely! I’ve never actually swum in our hotel pool- ridiculous I know, but there just never seems to be the right moment, so I only ever get to dip my toes in.

On Sunday 29th July, we are celebrating our 5th Birthday (a couple of weeks early but never mind, the date worked better) and are holding our annual cocktail party, which is always full of laughter and fun and is really what TerraVina is all about and what we do best… a relaxed, chilled out and fun venue where guests feel comfortable and at home- it’s all we’ve ever strived to be, a much liked hotel and so 5 years on, we are thrilled to continue welcoming back so many guests who love the place for all the right reasons and of course the main reason TerraVina is so special is thanks to our fantastic team, headed by Suzi, who is simply a gem in a very special mix of people. There are still a very few places left for the party, so if you are at a loose end and fancy joining us for a great event then do give us a call.

I am pleased to report that both Gerard and Malmsey survived my holiday and in fact both looked very well… however, Malmsey has been poorly since and is off to the vets tomorrow for an operation. She’s been chewing too many twigs… I am on paw holding duty, as Gerard is wine tasting in France and Romy is off on an adventure packed holiday in deepest, leafy Dorset- I’m judging at the New Forest show this week too; best dressed lady at the inaugural Ladies Day event… no pressure on me then! I’ve been worrying for days as to what I should wear… I can’t judge best dressed lady and not look snappily dressed myself… maybe I need to go shopping!!!!

Till next week and do enjoy the glorious sunshine


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4 Responses to The sun has got its hat on and the guests have come out to play at Hotel TerraVina…..

  1. Ann says:

    What a great evening – the cocktail party was juts fabulous! Happy Birthday Terravina!


  2. Dear Ann

    Thank you so much for being able to join us- we had a super evening with you all and are thrilled everyone so enjoyed the evening.

    Thank you for ALL your support and friendship over the past 5 years- TerraVina is special because we have such super guests!
    Thank you


  3. Cheers for bringing back the sunshine with you! It does make a lot of difference. HUGE! Please make it stay for as long as you can. Cheerio.


  4. Hello

    I’ll try really hard to get it to stay a little longer but sadly I think it may have already slipped back over to Minorca!


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