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The sun has peeped through and teased us here at TerraVina this week…

When I asked GB for a little bit of inspiration for this week’s blog… helpfully (not!) he said why don’t you write a “fluffy” one- it will make a change from you always ranting! Me always rant… I don’t think so! However it has been a while since I wrote a more lighthearted blog, but now the pressures on to think of a topic that is lighthearted and in GB’s words… “fluffy”

The problem is I don’t feel very fluffy at the moment- there is much going on and all of it is fairly weighty and serious rather than lightweight and frivolous. That said, we remain in awe of our talented team who make TerraVina what it is and who keep us from screaming when the life of a hotelier all gets too much.

Gerard continues to be a constant source of entertainment- he announced this week that he needs a PA. When I indignantly pointed out he already has one- ME! He laughed and stated he was thinking of a younger, more enticing version to keep him amused whilst in the office. Needless to say he won’t be getting a new PA anytime soon.

Romané our adorable son, who is growing too fast and looks more like a handsome man, instead of my baby, has been poorly, but is being brave and not succumbing to the man flu syndrome… however, Gerard fears he has caught the bug and is being a difficult patient, whilst demanding constant attention, hot drinks, medicine and TLC…. I too have caught Romy’s germs, it’s so kind of him to share them, but haven’t got time to be poorly, as we also have a poorly pup at home who is going stir crazy, as it is now 7 long days that we have not been able to take her for her usual 2 hours walkies. She is a princess at the best of times but being immobile has made her even more diva-ish and demanding of our attention, so with a sprinkling of fallen trees, smelly drains and a tricky guest or two thrown in for good measure the past week has been an eventful one and this week looks like it’s going the same way, without the tricky guests so far!

It must be the weather that is making us all feel out of sorts…. None of us like the rain and constant grey days and so when the sun peeped through for a short while yesterday we all rejoiced, called the swimming pool man and prayed for some long, leisurely lunches on the terrace soon, only to wake up to another grey and gloomy following day- however Spring is on its way and we have the daffodils and crocuses to prove it- roll on sunshine.

Do come and see us soon- even in the rain the forest is magnificent in all its’ muddy glory, but actually when the sun has come out to play it has been delightfully warm and pleasant and I cannot think of a nicer place to be… well alright then, Antigua comes a close second!

Till next week




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