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Time for reflection and taking stock at Hotel TerraVina

Recently I attended a legal mediation. Mediation is an interesting process and apparently, in some cases, can be very effective in brockering a deal with warring parties.  What mediation cannot mend though is the damage to personal and business reputations, the loss of precious time, compensation for the considerable effort and stress that is involved in a dispute and the not inconsiderable financial costs involved in such irretrievable breakdowns. The mediator I met was exceptionally professional and an expert in his field.

It is always so uplifting to receive good service, in whatever field. I have to say that the hotel (well known locally and once quite famous on the South Coast), I popped into, for a quick coffee before the meeting, desperately needed some much improved customer training skills to be instilled, as the service there was appalling…. I was embarrassed to be involved in hospitality, in the face of their incompetence, indifference and lack of care towards guests.

However, such meetings, service examples and just general day to day issues, including stopping the cows from entering through the hotel fence over the weekend… I know my life is so diverse (!) led me to ponder and reflect. On dissecting the problems we are currently faced with, and they are very complex, far reaching and enormously impacting on our business, after many months of living with them and wrestling to ensure they do not swamp us, my conclusion has been that every situation needs to be treated as a learning curve and whilst unpalatable, with the right approach and attitude, all problems are manageable, if you do not allow them to control you.

Of course, no one steps into a business venture, relationship or career expecting it to fail but if it does, or it all goes slightly askew, if you care deeply, then the hurt and pain it causes is immense. The stress is huge and the unfairness of the situation is hard to embrace. However, on reflection, isn’t that just a mirroring of life in general? Sometimes, in fact often, life is unfair….one wonders why people in the prime of their lives, at a young age and with seemingly much to live for, are snatched from us by accident or through illness? Why do some children die so young or become critically ill, why are older people so terribly afflicted by Dementia and Alzheimers? Why was such a brave and charming young man, such as Stephen Sutton, the brave lad who raised so much for the Teenage Cancer Trust, not able to have a longer life to live, when he did so much good and inspired so many, in the few short years he was here? Life is cruel and sometimes seemingly very unfair and not all whom we meet will be full of graciousness, love and kindness. Some are avaricious, immoral, egotistical and prepared to stop at nothing to attain their greedy goals. Others are cruel, unkind and mean spirited.

However, life can be good and the world of business can be too- when the right business partners are chosen, when the best business deals are done, when the adrenaline is flowing and the team spirit is soaring, there is nothing as exciting as watching a business thrive, soar, grow, succeed and flourish… life turns full circle and whilst there are stalls and hiccups along the way, sometimes it’s worth hanging in there to see what the next turn of fortune may bring.

To all those facing adversity, whatever it may be, stay strong, true and believe in yourselves as the power of positivity can never be underestimated.

God bless Stephen Sutton and may he rest in peace and be remembered for being such an inspiration to so many. His legacy is huge not just in the amount he helped to raise, but in the spirit of  how he lived life to the full to the very end.

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