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Toil and Trouble during the” Boil and Bubble” season here at TerraVina

The escapades of the last week must have something to do with the fact that Halloween was recently upon us and with its arrival it bought out the worst in some people… witches, demons, ghouls and ghosts abounded and actually we had our fair share of screaming banshees and unpleasant beings too!

A very few (thankfully) bad mannered guests- (most were lovely), who were frosty faced, miserable and unsmiling throughout their stays, despite our best efforts to thaw them out and make them smile, some who were so demanding we were running around in circles after them, yet never a “Please” nor “Thank you” passed their lips, interviewees who simply did not bother to turn up for their appointment, nor have the good manners to call to cancel, an employee who went home and just never came back, giving no notice or warning, and supposed friends who thought nothing of spitting cruel words and throwing out ill judged comments and to top it all, a delivery driver who was aggressive to the team, ranted, raged and pushed a team member and all in front of guests in the middle of reception- I’m not often lost for words, and thankfully such ill-mannered people are a rarity here at TerraVina, but this past week has left me speechless and feeling very disappointed and saddened as to how uncaring, unfeeling, disinterested people are to their fellows and that it is seemingly ok to be rude, aggressive, moan belligerently at us and push us to our limits.

I am pleased Halloween is over if it brings so much bad temper, inconsideration and bad manners- roll on Guy Fawkes, goodness knows what that may bring besides from fireworks (!) and let’s hope that there may be a little more winter cheer, pleasantness and kindness in the coming weeks and a few less challenges to juggle!

For those of you who missed our newsletter or e shots, don’t miss out on our Spectacular Autumn Folly offer:

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22nd November


‘Til next time





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