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Twitter gives Hotel TerraVina food for thought this week…

I read a tweet a couple of days ago, posted by a lady who we follow on Twitter… the social media phenomena that I still don’t really “get”, but that I use for the business as it seems to reach a wide audience of people interested in knowing what we do and are keen on keeping in touch with us… anyway I digress; the quote was I thought very apt and so I retweeted it and have noted it here too…..

You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens…..Mandy Hale

In this day and age of planning every moment of our lives, of being constantly “in touch”, be it by tweet, e mail, Face Book, Instagram or all the other social media outlets we have at our fingertips, of feeling that we can never switch off, I read the quote and thought… yes, what a great idea. So far I’m breathing and waiting to see what happens next but I hope it happens soon as I’m not very patient! But then I read another of her tweets that stated: Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish…..John Quincy Adams… so that told me then!

Actually @WinchesterLady1 seems very adept at finding great quotes and sayings to remind us all should we choose to listen and take notice that life is about so much more than just being on the hamster wheel, racing through life, joining the rat race, head down and running at everything full pelt… I read her tweets regularly and enjoy what she notes as it makes me stop a moment and think about what really matters and ensures that I put things into a better perspective at a time when knee jerk reactions to other people’s thoughtlessness, unkindness, greed and unfairness could so easily tip me over the edge….. and so it is that I am breathing deeply, looking beyond the obvious and the immediacy of situations and actually I am feeling calm, composed and ready for action!

Which is just as well as this past busy BH weekend and previous week has had its fill of situations for us and the team to deal with.. a full hotel, (hallejuha!) lots of children, who were all delightful and very well behaved (thank you!) some sunshine now and then, but not enough of it and a boiler that decided to stop working! Now we pride ourselves on the fact that our plant room has been designed to cover all eventualities that an 11 bedroom hotel may face in terms of x11 very deep baths being filled at once, whilst x11 monsoon showers are also on full pelt, all at once thus demanding gallons of hot water and so far in 7 years, with the exception of a power cut we have delivered, but not this past weekend when one solitary room was left with only warm water for about 20 minutes, whilst the one remaining boiler worked overtime… thanks to the guests for their patience, to the boiler repair man for coming out to research what parts are needed for the repair and to the team for keeping me calm and sane as usual… as there was also the next door neighbours smelly bonfire on the one evening when  guests could sit out on the terrace and drink and dine al fresco, or the cows that threatened to invade the garden through the fence that was bought down by a fallen tree and new garden furniture that arrived with x3 cartons missing and was (I thought) ready made up, but wasn’t and guess what…. Yes there were screws missing; still with the help of lovely Alex, one of our part time team, all was soon made up, in situ and looking lovely.

Once again a huge thanks to Chris, Lydia, George, Gavin, Lin and all their respective teams for ensuring that we were able to get through another busy BH with not too many mishaps, albeit there were a lot of Z beds to assemble and make!

Thanks team, you are all brilliant and to use another quote from my twitter “friend’s” feed….There is no greater intelligence than kindness and empathy…….. Bryant McGill. The TerraVina team are all very intelligent then as they are extremely kind and very intuitive to our guests and each other.

Till next week


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