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What a difference a hotel blog makes at Hotel Terravina

I have to confess that I was rather sceptical about Social Media and its benefits to every day life. My 10 year old son rolls his eyes at me and states that he cannot believe I am so far behind, but however hard I try to embrace them I am still unsure as to how Twitter and Facebook actually operate, although I am beginning to enjoy the benefits of gaining so many friends for TerraVina, but what is very exciting is the hotel’s blog and surprisingly how much I am enjoying writing pieces for it and gaining new contacts that blogging allows you to make and so easily.

For instance last week, the recent earthquake in Chile was in the news. We are travelling to Chile at the beginning of April for Gerard to compete in the ASI World Sommelier Competition, so I have been following the news with a very keen interest and the devastation suffered by many people, especially in the villages close to the quake’s epicentre is dramatic. 

Recently opened is a new hotel, nestled alongside a beautiful winery and vineyard in Santa Cruz, aptly named, Hotel TerraVina- thus I emailed to enquire as to how they were and just to send good wishes to them all from this Hotel TerraVina.  Anna, one of the owners sent a lovely e mail back and mentioned that they follow us and all our news and read the blog. Whilst indeed there is much devastation all around them, the hotel is relatively unscathed and has been able to accommodate homeless villagers and friends whilst repairs and action plans are implemented. We are very keen to see the Chilean TerraVina and make friends with them as it will be fun to have a TerraVina on either side of the world and so we hope to be able to visit them whilst we are there in April.

Back a little closer to home, I also received this week a request from a local lady to visit the hotel and take some pictures of TerraVina for her own website, all about living in the New Forest.

She had heard about us via Social Media and had read the blog. She is very passionate about where she lives and feels very lucky to have the opportunity of enjoying such a beautiful place- she’s right, as I write this I am sitting looking out over the forest with the sun streaming through the windows and it does make you feel very happy to know that Spring is on its way and we do indeed live in a very beautiful part of the country.

Thank you to all those who read this blog regularly and to all our new Social Media friends- it’s great to know there are so many people out there with just a little insight into TerraVina, who we are and what we do and even better who seem to like it.

Nina Basset

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2 Responses to What a difference a hotel blog makes at Hotel Terravina

  1. I would be very pleased to receive your newsletter. Best regards Beáta Vlnková


    • Hi Beata

      Many thanks for requesting to receive our newsletter and for taking an interest in what we’re doing at TerraVina.

      We’ve now added you and look forward to sending you our next newsletter!

      Kindest regards

      Nina & Gerard


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