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Yet another week(s) of all sorts at Hotel TerraVina

I am back and full of apologies for not having written a blog for a couple of weeks but I do have a good excuse; actually I have a number of reasons why I wasn’t able to write for the past few blog posts.

As regular readers will be aware there is rarely a dull moment at TerraVina, between the guests and the staff keeping us busy and “on our toes” and throwing us a curved ball to catch now and then and recent weeks have been no exception, with a broken down boiler, (luckily we have two boilers and an efficient repair man), broken down dishwasher, (sadly not repairable, so a new one has been installed), a swimming pool that was “eating” the chlorine too hungrily, (now all fixed by our super pool chap) and guests who don’t like the colour of the reception walls or the front door (no comment!) and then to add further mayhem into the mix, one of my oldest and dearest friends (she’s not old just that we have been friends a very long time!) has had a mid life crisis and I made a mercy dash to what felt like the most far flung corner of the country (the trip took me 9 hours!) to lend support, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen and a dose of sense and calm… all the while whilst planning for the latest round of Court room battles which have now been dragging on for the past 18 months and which feel like they will never go away.

So all in all, I haven’t had a moment to catch my breath, as to add even more chaos to what is already a very hectic life of juggling, Gerard has been on endless trips and I have been rotating suitcases in and out the door. Romané has been in a whirl of end of term parties, activities and Duke of Edinburgh awards expeditions, the dog has been frantic with all the comings and goings and I have been in endless meetings with barristers, solicitors and legal eagles- life is certainly never dull and when there has been a moments respite (I’m sure there were some, I just missed them), I have been too busy, stressed and frantic to notice.

All I can say is that without my tremendous support network of my parents who are always there to pick up the pieces, run with the balls that I can’t manage to juggle and have a hot meal, a kind word and a cup of tea at the ready whenever I need them and of course the fantastic TerraVina team who keep me sane, make me laugh when it’s all getting too much and ensure the smooth running of the whole operation whilst allowing me to think I have an important role to play(!) amongst them all.

I must not forget to mention too my darling husband, who is endearingly eccentric, has his head in the clouds or more likely a wine book and who never ceases to amaze me with his kindness, patience and support and who won a 4th Catey award on Tuesday evening. This time it was an inaugural Catey, the Wine and Spirit Ambassador and I am as always so very proud of him and all he achieves- he is an inspiration.

Till next week…. Enjoy the sunshine


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