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Yippee! Sunshine spotted at Hotel TerraVina and in the New Forest

At last the sunshine peeped through the clouds this past week- we were treated to glorious weather on both Saturday and Sunday and what a difference the sunshine made- we all felt uplifted- well I didn’t as I was poorly and feeling sorry for myself in  bed, but it was still lovely to see the sunshine through the windows. Then Monday was lovely too and we were all expectant and excited at the prospect that Spring had arrived; however  Tuesday has dawned as a dull, grey day, but we remain undeterred, Spring is, if not already here, at least on its way and that is something to be positive and happy about.

Thus I have filled the house with daffodils and tulips, I have thrown open all the windows and doors and we are Spring cleaning with a vengeance- no cupboard or space in the office remains untouched! Paint brushes at the ready- well they are in constant use actually as the hotel is continually painted and refreshed on an almost monthly basis…. An excuse to go shopping for new soft furnishings to freshen everywhere up and at last after too many long and dismal months the front door is open to the world in all its orange coloured Technicolor glory.

We have new TerraVina soft dogs and puppies in stock and that always makes us excited when we received the parcels and start to unpack and the grass is growing fast so Spring must be here. We have called the pool man and are getting excited at the idea of a twinkling pool reflecting the sunshine very soon

Yes we are excited that the sun peeped through and we hope it does so again very soon and maybe lingers awhile….. come and visit soon for a trip to Exbury Gardens, as soon they will be in their most magnificent glory with the blooming of the “Rhoddies” and Azaleas and the forest will be ablaze with bluebells and snowdrops too…. Thus find an excuse to escape and come to stay. We look forward to see you soon

Till next week


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